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We are often asked if we can estimate the cost to build a project. The truth is that each project is so unique with many variables and unknown factors that it would make it impossible. Variables such as rust repair, replacement parts, time to fabricate parts that are not available, customization, etc.

Therefore, we strictly perform 'by the hour' billing on all labor, including shop materials and parts. We do not require a deposit when a new project is brought in. We do however operate on a monthly billing cycle. An invoice is sent to the customer at the beginning of each month showing the breakdown of these categories.

If a project was started at another shop where it was torn apart, supposedly blasted, primed etc. and left to sit, is then brought to us, be aware of a few things... most often, we have to completely strip it and start from scratch. We know that this is very difficult for the customer to find out about, but if we continued on a shoddy foundation, it would affect the quality of the completed project. We sympathize that the customer may have already made a significant investment at the wrong shop. However, we refuse to compromise quality here at Siebert Custom.

It is more cost effective for the customer and beneficial to our team if the project comes to our shop intact. People believe they are saving money if they begin disassembling their vehicle prior to bringing it in, but in fact, it's the exact opposite. When a project is torn apart and then brought to us, it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle and will slow the process down in knowing what parts are missing etc. This can cause delay in ordering parts needed as well as a longer time in final assembly.

When it comes to ordering parts, we order the best manufactured parts from reputable companies. Using inferior parts results in a substandard finished product.

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