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We begin by photographing in detail the project for reference during our final assembly and also to document the true condition of the vehicle when it comes to us. We then label and organize all parts. As we are removing even the smallest of parts, we will then know if pieces, clips, etc. are missing or simply 'too worse for the wear' and need to be replaced. Our disassembly process will save on cost and time during the build by not having to wait on parts and also with the reassembly process.

If however, the project has been somewhat disassembled prior to coming to our shop, we need ALL the parts you have for your vehicle before we begin. Parts and pieces trickling in from a customer during the build is once again not cost effective. We may have already spent time researching replacement parts, have already ordered a new part or made a piece from scratch to replace what we thought was missing. Even if you're not sure where a piece goes or have pieces that are broken and look worthless, it still gives us a visual starting point for fabricating a new one. 


The project is then completely stripped of paint and old filler from previous repairs down to bare metal in order to determine problem areas that may have simply been covered over instead of repaired correctly. We assess the amount of rust repair needed as well as inspect current gaps and lines thoroughly to know what must be done in order to give the project a flawless finish.


This stage is where the real magic happens! Depending on what has been discussed with the customer and the vision for the project, now is the time for some creative customization. We set our minds as metal craftsmen and have the patience, passion and vision to see us through this meticulous and precise process. Projects consist of 95% preparation and 5% application. This prep work is all too often undervalued by other fly-by-the-night shops and the end result shows. Rushed and shoddy prep work will totally destroy the final look of a project no matter how smooth you lay down high quality paint. The amount of time and work that takes place at this point to produce a mirror-straight perfect paint application goes without saying and largely goes unnoticed. As it's what happens underneath that fine finish that will make or break a quality paint job.

After media blasting, epoxy primer is applied. We do this because it is a benefit to keep corrosion from ever coming back. Then the chassis construction is addressed, whether we build it, purchase new or the current one is repaired. Once the body is back on the chassis, we begin with panel alignment and removing all dents. When certain areas of the project are mangled or almost completely destroyed from rust, we fabricate new panels and pieces to an exact fit. We apply a polyester primer and then blocksand to get the body laser straight. When the panels are perfected, we apply urethane primer.


After deciding on paint color with the customer, we're ready to spray! We now apply sealer, basecoat and many coats of clear. After everything has cured, we then begin the tedious process of color sanding and buffing. We use the finest quality paint from Axalta.


After all the polishing is done, we assemble the vehicle with care. We tidy up loose ends such as brake and fuel lines, etc. We fabricate a dynamic exhaust system, finalize electrical, install glass, trim, etc. The finished work speaks for itself!

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