A 1972 Torino getting the engine compartment redone and a few other odds and ends fixed.
SANY1500 SANY1501 SANY1502 SANY1503
SANY1504 SANY1505 SANY1506 SANY1507
SANY1508 SANY1509 SANY1510 SANY1511
SANY1517 SANY1518 SANY1519 SANY1520
SANY1521 SANY1522 SANY1523 SANY1524
SANY1525 SANY1526 SANY1527 SANY1528
SANY1529 SANY1530 SANY1531 SANY1532
SANY1533 SANY1534 SANY1535 SANY1546
SANY1547 SANY1555 SANY1559 SANY1570