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The entire collection of photos that we have managed to upload from projects to the website.


A build of a 1923 Ford Model T "Bucket", made from spare parts laying around when Perry got an itch to build a T. The body and frame were purchased at a swap meet approx 20 years ago. It has a 400 Chevy Small Block, a Turbo 400 Tranny, and a rearend out of a Camaro.

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Building a 1928 Model A on modified and boxed 1929 Chevy rails.

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Perry Sr's build of a 1929 Model A 2 door sedan Traditional Rod. It has a Chevy 350 Engine, Turbo 350 Tranny, 8" Ford Rearend, Heat & AC, Genie shifter, New Vintique Wire Wheels, 15s in front and 16s in rear, 4" Drop Superbell Highbeam Axle and the top was filled with a ribbed roof skin from a 1959 Ford Station Wagon.

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Perry Jr taking a 1929 Model A Sedan and turning it into a Phaeton with a removable Carson top and many other modifications.

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A build of a 1929 Model A Pickup. Built by Brian.

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This 32 Ford was built with a Brand New Steel Body and placed on a New Chassis, with a dropped tube front axle, disc brakes, triangulated 4 bar holding a 9" Ford rear end, and is powered by a 1997 Mustang Cobra DOHC 4.6 liter engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. The paint used was Chrysler Inferno red pearl metallic. Built by Perry Jr.

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A 1932 Ford with Tornado damage being fixed with a few updates being made while it is torn apart.

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Perry Jr building a sweet looking 1932 Ford!

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Building a 1933 Ford Roadster

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Rebuilding a 1933 Plymouth
Perry Sr's Project, some rust repair and metalwork by Brian.

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A restoration of a 1936 Chevy High Cab Pickup.

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The work on this 36 Ford had been previously started by someone else and was bought by the current owner , then brought in for us to complete. There was regular rust repair and the normal repairs to be made as well as lots of work that had to be completely redone. Being Built by PJ.

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Building a 1937 Ford. Built by Brian

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A 1940 Ford that came in for a fresh paint job and some updating and upgrades. It received a New LS3 Corvette Crate motor and a 4L85E Tranny, Heat and A/C, Dash Grille Flips up to Reveal the Controls, New Wheels/Tires, and some Custom Engraved Aluminum inserts for the motor! Built by Perry Jr.

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A build of a 1941 Lincoln Continental.

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1946 Chevy Panel Truck that is getting the doors extended 6", adding a 3rd extended cab style suicide door, rewiring, other misc upgrades and paint to give it a unique look that the customer wants.

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A 1946 GMC Long Box Pickup that was converted to an extended cab with a short box. The cab was cut in half and moved back 12" and then all the panels were formed from flat sheet including the windows to match the door window profiles.

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Perry Sr's Personal build of a 1947 Chevy with many custom modifications including shaved door handles with electric remote entry, roll pans front and rear, chopped top, pancaked hood, frenched headlights, tilted pillars and windshield laid back, custom sunk in tailights, welded and smoothed rear fenders, 47 Olds Grille, Chevy small block 350, Turbo 350 Tranny, Nova rearend, AC and a custom interior.

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Perry Sr building a 1948 Chevrolet

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Perry Sr Building a 1949 GMC Pickup

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Brian building a 1949 Jaguar

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A 1950 Ford getting some repairs, restoration and some modifications including a modern engine.Being built by Kurtis and PJ.

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A build of a 1950 Oldmobile 88 Convertible.

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Building a 1951 Chevy Pickup

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Perry Jr building a very Nice, Clean and Modern 1955 Chevy. It is running a Bill Mitchell Hardcore Products, Small Block 427 ci motor with 530 HP. Underneath lies a performance Art Morisson Chassis. Also many custom unique details including the motorized remote taillight filler door, smooth cowl, doors, park lights and much more!

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Trying to pick up were a project was stopped by someone else.

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A build of a 1957 Chevy.

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Perry Sr and help building A 1963 Karmann Ghia

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Brian repairing lots of rust and finishing out a 1965 GTO

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Major rust repair, panel replacement and paint on a 1969 Camaro. New 1/4 panels, inner and outer wheelhouses, rear shock mounts, new rockers and inner rocker patches, all done on both sides. New rear panel and floor pans, window channel, dash and roof patch panels, and much more TLC, too much to list. Built by Brian with some bodywork from Perry Sr on the doors and fenders.

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Rust repair and restoration of a 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix.

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A 1972 Torino getting the engine compartment redone and a few other odds and ends fixed.

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1973 Nova rust repair and restoration done by Brian Wolfe.

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A compilation of our past builds.

Some of the photo albums may have gaps in them, or appear incomplete. We are working on digging up, collecting, organizing and updating the pictures, which may take awhile, as some were even taken before digital cameras.

Letters after - are for our reference only.

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