We Specialize in Streetrods and Restorations, and especially like to do Model As and 50's and earlier builds, but also do
many muscle cars as well.  We can do as much or little as you want us to.  You can bring us something that should have
went to the scrapyard, and we will turn it into an award winning show car that will stand out from the crowd!

Tell us what you want, or turn us loose with just minor guidelines and let our Experience, Creativity and Attention to Detail
Bring Your Car to Life!
  • Custom Paint Jobs
  • Show Quality Trailer Queens or Drivers
  • Rust Repair
  • Chopped Tops
  • Chassis Building
  • Steel or Fiberglass Builds

Mon-Fri 8-5 or by Appointment
Sometimes we are around earlier, later or
on Saturdays as well.
  • We install and repair Brake, Fuel, Cooling, Steering (both manual and power)
  • Installation of new electrical in a car includes new fuse panels, wiring,
    headlights, tail / brake lights, switches, relays, power windows, electric locks,
    remote door entry and more

  • Our Metalworking Abilites includes common Streetrod modifications and Rust
    Repair (both premade or stamped and handbuilt panels), recessed firewalls,
    body sectioning, channeling, chopped tops, shaved door handles, pancaked
    hoods, tilting the pillars and/or laying back the windshield, "Frenched"
    headlights, recessed tail lights, roll pans (front and rear), transmission tunnels
    and much more

  • Chassis Building including installation of boxing plates, cross members (front,
    rear and transmission), motor mounts, C notching for rearend clearance, "Z-
    ing" for lower ride, front suspension (solid axle and independent), rear 4 link
    (normal and triangulated), mounting of shocks and springs (coilovers and leaf
    systems), Motor and Tranny fitment and installation (New or rebuilt, Carburetor
    or Fuel Injected)

  • Painting options, simple or complex, flames, scallops, stripes, kandy, pearl,
    metallic, color sanding and polishing

  • Other related tasks  - Glass (windshield, rear and door),
Types or Classifications of Rods or Customs that we have or will build, include Streetrods and Hot Rods that are Old school, Traditional,
Contemporary and Modern.  We have done a number of 1923 - 1927 Model T's, 1928 - 1931 Model A's, 1932 Fords both 3 and 5 windows, also
known as Model B's, 1933 - 1934, 1937, 1940, 1957 and other Fords.  Chevrolets that we have done a number of include the early models as well
as 47 - 48, the Tri 5 - 55, 56 and 57 Chevys, and Musclecars such as Camaros, Chevelles, and Elcaminos, in the 64 through 71 range.  Look
through our Photo Albums to see what we have done, or call and talk to the guys about there past builds and to get your project rolling!